6 color screen printing machine

Micro registration 6 color 6 station screen printing machine

Product Application

This manual micro registration screen printing machine is for textile/garment screen printing industry,widely used in T-shirt,clothing,bags,fabrics ,towels,leather items and many other multi-color sets,With the use of far-infrared dryer,it will enhance the effective operating rate of printing machines.

Product Feature

  • The alloy aluminum worktable is un-deformable and durable under high temperature,very flat for printing.
  • Flexible Micro-Registration,Precise Overprinting,The positioning device of printing head makes printing heads locate at exactly the same position,with precise color registration.
  • Strong construction – All the steel parts and triangular coupling rods under printing worktable ensure the machine running stable in printing process to get precise result.
  • Easy adjusting – Mesh frame can be precisely set to correct position by turning screws of adjusting system on printing head.
  • Printing plate can be adjusted forward/backward and left/right slightly,and it can also tilt up and down, alignment is quick and precise when topping printing.
  • Nomal worktable size:500x600mm(20″x24″),600x800mm(24″x32″),special size can be customized.

Product Parameter

  • Color:6 color
  • Station:6 station
  • Plate size:500mm*600mm(20″x24″)
  • Weight:280KG(618LB)
  • Packing size:1700*1700*1500mm(67″*67″*59″)
  • Package in one wooden carton