15"x15" Heat press machine

Product Application

The digital heat press is special desigined for satisfying the fashion pursuing people who pursue the individuation of garments. it is based on heat transfer princioles. choosing the special heat transfer foil and it can transfer the various motifs on heat transfer foil to the surface of cotton t-shirts, garments, socks, sports clothes,and so on.

Product Feature

  • Microprocessor digital control.
  • Economical for a start up shop or to use as a backup.
  • Applies all types of transfers on items up to 1/2″ thick.
  • Engineered handle design provides a 20% increase in pressure and the leveling.
  • Heat indicating light that turns off once set temperature is reached.
  • Full range pressure adjustment.

Product Parameter

  • Heating plate size:380*380mm(15″x15″)
  • Temperature 0-210Centigrades
  • Timer:1-999 Sec (+, – ,1Sec)
  • Heating power: 1.7KW
  • Voltage:220V or 110V
  • Packing:710*480*450mm(30″x19″x18″)
  • Weight:32KG(71LB)