Sealed cup single color pad printer

Product Application

Sealed cup single color pad printer is used for the surface pressing of curved face,flat,and irregular object,particular object with elegant,delicate effect and small area,and roughness where other pressing methods can’t work. This machine is widely used for glass, metal,board,plastic,and rubber.For example electronic appliances,dolls, toiletries,production date,industrial products,bottle hoods,pens,electronic components,capacitance,ballast resistor,switches and buttons.

Product Feature

  • Sealed cup is more environmental protection and ink saving.
  • Workt table can be adjusted up and down,forward and backward.
  • Convenient ink cup installation,cleaning,and ink loading.
  • No electricity required and easy to move
  • One-handed operation allows the other hand to place objects on the work table at the same time,thus speeding up production and simplifying the work process.
    Easy to change plate.

Product Parameter

  • Plate area:100x214mm(4″x8.5″)
  • Printing speed: 500 pcs/H
  • Max:printing area:70x150mm(2.8″x6″)
  • Horizental stroke:100mm(4″)
  • Vertical stroke:60mm(2.4″)
  • Package:400x220x490mm(16″x9″x20″)
  • Gross Weight:30kg(67lb)