Emulsion coating machine

Product Application

Emulsion coating machine can coat photosensitive liquid evenly on surface of steel plate or steel blade by the centrifugal effect caused by high-speed rotation. It is one of the important equipments in the process of plate-making and a necessary tool for making high quality plate.

Product Feature

  • Coating by centrifugal rotation, even and flat.
  • With special designed scale, it is easy to install steel plate, which extraordinarily solve the departure in installing.
  • Collocated with speed–adjustable motor, you can adjust speed of the motor with potentiometer to control thickness of coating.
  • With special designed “+”construction,it is more saving of power and easy to clean.
  • Equipped with handle and protection cover, it is safer to operate.

Product Parameter

  • Suitable steel plate size:3.5″-8.66″(89-220mm)
  • Machine size: 13.6″ X 13.6″ X 7″(345x345x175mm)
  • Gross weight:24LB(11KG)